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Slip Prevention Film

Posted by japansmallpotatoes on February 25, 2012

To stop slipping accident, apply Slip Prevention Film to entrance, lobby and passage of hotels and restaurants.

By just peeling off backing sheet, it can be applied directly on the floor to prevent slipping accident specially when it is raining. Base film is PVC and transparent recycled glass particles (average diameter 300 microns) are painted on the surface.

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No Leakage Washer

Posted by japansmallpotatoes on February 4, 2012

This makes possible to wash 3-dimensional surface such as wall, ceiling, curved surface, irregular form and grooved surface, and even human being full-body while in bed, without spilling water around

No water will jet out until the nozzle comes into contact with the surface to be washed. The water gushes out, at the very moment when the nozzle end touches the surface, and washes the surface. However, the cleaning water with removed dirt is sucked instantly into the nozzle without any leakage at all. Spurts of water stops immediately at the moment, when the nozzle end leaves the surface. Jet-out and Stop of water are controlled automatically only by pressure difference arising inside of nozzle, neither microcomputer nor electronic sensor is used.

See video

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Simple Water Testing Kit

Posted by japansmallpotatoes on February 4, 2012

PACKTEST is the most simplified water quality testing kit that anybody can use without having professional knowledge for daily preliminary test.  It is suitable for wastewater management for various industries including plating industry. It is now possible to detect  over 60 different analytes such as Cr6+, COD, etc by selecting the necessary reagent tube.
Pack Test Catalogue (pdf)

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Alkaline Water

Posted by japansmallpotatoes on January 28, 2012

GAEA Alkaline Water Generation System has ever achieved to generate alkaline electrolytic water of pH13.8 and its system can produce pH13.0 on a commercial base.  The revolutionary water is safe and has a low risk to the environment and it can take the place of disinfectant, cleaning agent, degreaser and cutting oil.
General Catalogue (pdf)  
Catalogue for Industrial Use (pdf)

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